Cupping Therapy - History

Cupping therapy is a time honored ancient tradition, being used as a medicinal therapy for thousands of years, its true origin remains uncertain. It has been used by ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, China then spreading to Europe and the Americas. Evolving over time, cups were originally made from hollowed out animal bones, then bamboo and now more elegant glass, plastic and rubber.

  • Relax Shoulder and Neck Tension

  • Reduce Headaches

  • Benefit Asthma and Chest Conditions

  • Improve Circulation and Healing

  • Helps to Release Toxins

  • Activates Lymphatic Sysytem

 How it works

Cupping creates a vacuum which creates negative pressure rather than compressing the the tissue like in massage, this allows any stagnant blood and lymph to be pulled to the surface of the skin, this immediately allows the muscle fibers to move more freely, so you can have dramatic results or relief  instantly from your treatment.

What can I expect?

Cupping therapy when done properly should not hurt, it may feel tight, if you are feeling pain or pinching you should let your therapist know. Your cupping therapy session may leave painless marks from pulling up the stagnant blood and lymph, we call it “discolouration”, commonly mistaken for bruises. Cupping should NOT cause bruises, bruises are caused by trauma and hurt, blood leaks into the surrounding tissue and repair fluids rush to the area to start healing. Cupping marks “discolouration” should not hurt. Your discoluoration they may look a little like a hickey, be red or even black depending on how much stagnation you have. Your cupping marks may be instant or develop over the first 24rhs, After 3 days they start to disappear and should be gone after 2 weeks, the more you move, the quicker they go! Just know that while the marks are there, your body is working on that area and its surrounds to make it better.

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